Greenwork Central is an EASY-TO-USE ONLINE SYSTEM FOR Cannabis Policy and SOP tracking

  • Track employee acknowledgement of policies and SOPs
  • Designed specifically for the marijuana industry
  • Real-time view of employees, documents and workgroups
  • All information online – eliminate paperwork
  • Stay in control and up-to-date
Greenworks User Screen

Gain control and minimize business risks

Track your employee acknowledgements of important company policies and SOPs with the ability to easily create revisions or add new documents.


Avoid Unemployment Claims and Lawsuits. Train your employees on your internal processes and company policies and track employee sign off.

best practices

Easily disseminate “Best Practice” SOPs to ensure consistent work quality, safety, and productivity.


In this heavily regulated industry it’s more important than ever to get everyone on the same page.


Immediately see who has acknowledged what documents and remind employees to complete their acknowledgements via email.

Protect Your Business in the Marijuana Industry


Intuitive, fast time to value, available 24/7


See at a glance who is up to date and who is non-compliant

Fill Acknowledgement Gaps

Create documents through a world class text editor

See Complete Histories

All employee acknowledgements saved – even if an employee leaves

Why your company needs greenwork central

  • The paralysis and risks in firing someone for poor performance or inappropriate activities is crippling. With the proper training employees know what level of performance is expected and what activities are inappropriate and should be avoided.
  • The need to “re-invent the wheel” when a key employee leaves is costly and inefficient. Key employees can quickly document their tasks in Greenworks Central with SOPs and company policies that are easily dispersed.
  • Employees doing the same job differently with different results results in low productivity, poor quality and frustration.
  • Low job satisfaction and turnover of key employees comes from unclear expectations and inconsistent consequences.
  • Procrastination – it is easy to catch up and stay up to date.

Get these benefits immediately

  • Best practices documents + your current directives for teams that work together more effectively immediately.
  • Track and remind employees to electronically acknowledge relevant information so that there are no misunderstandings, clear job expectations, defensible positioning for disciplinary concerns.
  • Monitor compliance – see at any time “How are we doing?”
  • Create & edit documents with ongoing updates and acknowledgements.
  • Brand & customize – add the unique look and feel of your company brand.
  • Organize by work groups – manage different requirements for different teams.
  • Track & remind employees with ongoing ability to keep compliance current.
  • Maintain Histories – who acknowledged what and when.

The Greenwork Central Employee Dashboard – employees can easily see their status

Organize documents by relevance to each employee

Pricing Plans

Start Right

$200 per month

  • Up to 20 users
  • $10/user/mo for each additional user
  • $200 setup fee (FREE for a limited time)
  • Annual Fee = 10x monthly fee  (2 months free)

Regain Control

$999 per month

  • Unlimited users (for a limited time)
  • $999 setup fee (FREE for a limited time)
  • $10K Annual Fee (for a limited time)

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